At Worldplay, we are passionate about the difference that online video can make for non-profits in their fundraising and communication efforts. Worldplay is excited to be innovating alongside Blackbaud providing non-profits with an online video platform.

Worldplay’s VidflexTM video platform is an online video platform that powers social good like never before. A low-cost, white-label video solution, which enables non-profits to leverage the power of online video to raise more money, engage more viewers, and simplify communication in an effective and secure way.

By eliminating all third-party ads and distractions, we enable organizations to control their messaging and create an engaging online experience for their audience. Real-time analytics and reporting brings powerful insight into viewing habits and optimization opportunities to drive ROI.

Advanced security settings allow controlled viewership of content, ensuring user groups only see the videos intended for them.

Worldplay’s VidflexTM video platform gives access to an all-in-one suite of enterprise tools to manage, stream (live or on-demand), and monetize online videos across a fully customizable front-end interface. No plugins, third-party tools, or technical skills required.