Jeff Muddell

Jeff Muddell

System Director of Gift Planning, Lee Health Foundation

Jeff Muddell is a husband and father of three, a broadcast journalist-turned-fundraiser, and currently the System Director of Gift Planning at Lee Health Foundation in Fort Myers, Florida.  He made his break into nonprofit development 11 years ago and he admits back then – maybe you fundraisers know this feeling – he didn’t fully understand the field.


Back in 2007, Jeff was ready to handle the “art” of fundraising – all the social aspects of relationship building.  Coffees?  Dinners?  Easy!  But the “science” of fundraising – the metrics, the accountability to best practices – confounded and scared him at first.  What tactics lead to success for gift officers?  Which donor engagements are actually purposeful and provided positive results?  How should those activities be measured, and by whom?

So Jeff studied up on best practices and meaningful donor interactions, put that knowledge to use at the health care organizations for which he’s worked, and consulted other organizations of all sizes and in various sectors on the topic.  Jeff’s experiences can help your organization, and he is eager to share his journey with metrics and fundraising best practices with all development professionals, board members, and nonprofit leaders at bbcon.

Before joining Lee Health Foundation, Jeff served as the Vice President of Development for PACE Center for Girls, Senior Consultant at Winkler Group, and Vice President of Orlando Health Foundation.  And, no, he doesn’t miss the TV news business one bit.