Off The Grid

Off the Grid (OTG) at bbcon is back and better than ever! Hosted twice annually, OTG is Blackbaud’s premier innovation-marathon that takes place across our offices globally. Employees in technical and product areas step outside of their day-to-day roles and spend a full 24-hours working to solve problems and create new solutions for our customers.

The competing OTG teams will also be present at the Innovation Hub—a brand new area in the Expo Hall dedicated to spotlighting the future of innovation at Blackbaud.

Over the course of the three-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite OTG team using SMS texting. (Details will be outlined in the bbcon mobile app.) See the winning OTG team announced on main stage during Thursday’s closing keynote!

Team Projects

The Dynamics

PICTURED: Shafath Rehman, Rachel Beale, Di Huynh, Ali Rashed

PROJECT: Are your events reaching their full potential? Dynamic pricing can help! Our team’s project is an easy-to-use solution to help your organization create a pricing strategy that ensures your event’s success. By adjusting your prices based on market demand, you can significantly increase your event revenue!

Local News

PICTURED: Casey Kour, Kelby Stine, Josh Winter, Dan Hamlin, Brandon Stirnaman

PROJECT: Altruism is key in improving society and the wellbeing of others. Our project will help expand the altruistic community, bridge the gap between donors and a United Nations sustainable development goal, and provide visibility into the impact of donor contributions.

Team Pantomath

PICTURED: Vivek Batra, Caitlin Estrella, Amanda Glosson, Katie Fessler
NOT PICTURED: Saurabh Tyagi, Suheb Malik, Jessica Milewski

PROJECT: Find yourself frustrated with creating and distributing Blackbaud MobilePay™ security codes to your users? Our project has the solution: a reactive approval process for new MobilePay user devices! Our team focused on how to grant access to a new device with no compromise to the current security mechanisms. Device management can become easy in the new MobilePay administration view!

CUSTOMER PARTICIPANT: Ed Doolittle with AID Atlanta


PICTURED: Paul Sebestyen & Don Noonan

PROJECT: Did you know that nearly 50% of safe water systems designed to solve the global water crisis will fail within the first five years? Our team created a smart water monitoring solution to dramatically improve the sustainability of these life-changing systems.

PROSPECT CUSTOMER PARTICIPANTS: Tom Flaim, Dan Blevins, and Team with Water@Work Ministry

Watch The Session

You can catch one of our three repeating sessions found in the Focus on Tech track at bbcon to learn about four very different and exciting projects that came from our July 2017 OTG event.

Date Time Track
Tuesday, Oct 17 2:30 – 3:30pm Focus on Tech
Wednesday, Oct 18 1:00 – 2:00pm Focus on Tech
Thursday, Oct 19 9:00 – 10:00am Focus on Tech


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