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Hosted twice annually, Off the Grid is Blackbaud’s largest innovation marathon. Our engineers and product managers, and other employees in technical roles step outside of their day-to-day roles for 24 hours to work in teams on creative and problem-solving projects benefiting Blackbaud customers.

In July, Blackbaud hosted its ninth Off the Grid event. For the first time ever, we took requests for solution improvements and new features from our customers. Some customer representatives even participated on our Off the Grid teams! The teams that were voted on as the most creative, innovative, game-changing projects were elected as finalists.

Now Off the Grid is coming to bbcon! Finalists will present their projects to attendees, and we need your help picking a winner.

Here’s a snapshot of the projects you’ll see firsthand at the Conference:

Team Name: Optimus Prime

Team Members: Gaurav Kumar, Virender Gupta, Gaurav Kaushal, Sumit Maan, Tushar Behalpande, Ryan Beggs, and Rajat Akar (This team is predominantly made up of Nagarro Contractors as part of our Outside Services Team).

Project Description: Team Optimus Prime is working on an implementation of email analytics for Altru® clients’ marketing and communication efforts. By leveraging data from Blackbaud Communication Services and user actions—hyperlink clicks and conversions—they are hoping to provide Altru clients with a detailed report on marketing performance. With the addition of this data in Altru, the client can easily improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Team Name: CSI: Charleston

Team Members: Ben Cook, Justin Restivo, Alex Shchetkov, Ryan Becwar, and Tom Walker

Project Description: Every year, nonprofits lose billions of dollars due to accounting errors and misuse of funds. Team CSI: Charleston is working to help Financial Edge NXT™ customers protect their financial resources against internal and external threats by leveraging our confidential and proprietary statistical analyses and machine learning to identify anomalies in financial records.

Team Name: Duck Squad

Team Members: Brad Donohue, Alex Wang, Stacy Carlos, Josh Landi, Elizabeth Lucas, Richard Rowe, David Kerr, Nicole Guernsey, Emma Rastatter, and Matt Smith

Project Description: Team Duck Squad is working on a quick document upload using OCR technology. This would allow customers to upload a picture of any document (in this case, an invoice), scan the form, and match the data to the corresponding areas of the invoice/form submission. Customers would then be able to easily edit the form and submit it with the uploaded document as a media attachment.

Join us in Coding Together for Good by casting your vote for an Off the Grid winner at bbcon!